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Free ain't FREE folks.

You constantly pay for this site with interuptions, changes, pop-ups, invasion of privacy and space.

The BOTTOM LINE is all
that is truly cared about anymore.

Same Ol'! Same Ol'!

We the People build the sites, do the creative work and guess who reaps the benefits? It sure ain't gonna' be you or I, unless we got the MONEY to buy shares or purchase webspace from a WebHost.

As the "BIG" Boys muscle in and buy up all the places, we used to call home, there will be less and less room for the "little" guy, the one who can just scrap by, to get some time on "The Line."

Wish it weren't so, but it happened at Geo and it'll happen here, slow and sure, same way as cold just creeps in to one's bones on an early winters morn.

Yep, it used to be fun, dreaming, creating, making things come alive. Now it's just a business
with little room for you or I.